Pork On The Fork!

Pork is the culinary name for the domestic pig...'sus domesticus', and according to the modern day oracle that is 'Wikipedia', pork is one of the most consumed meats in the world....who would've thought!

There are a wide variety of pork products on the market in varying shapes and forms produced from the humble pig, some examples are:
loin or tenderloin ; with or without the skin (it is the skin which becomes 'crackling' when cooked)loin chops with a bone in which come individually sliced between each rib or in a whole piece for roasting - rack of porkshoulder- whole or as chops bone inleg/ rump (butt)cheeks & whole headtrottersbellyribspork mincepork is widely cured or smoked and available as;
bacon - either sliced- rashers from the belly or back, or in a whole piece - loingammon - whole joint or as thick slices for frying or grillingsausages - fresh, cured, smoked.... such as salami, chorizo, Arles sausageburgers / minceCLICK TO READ MORE >>