She's No Spring Chicken! (Coq-a-Leekie Chicken)

Spring is almost upon us, in fact it's just a couple of days till the clocks shoot forward and we non 'Spring Chickens' loose an hour of our much needed beauty sleep! Still I find the milder spring weather brings a renewed vigor to daily life no matter what age you are. The daffodils are crowding the edges of the lawn, which received it's fist trim of the year this morning, and new growth is visible on the shrubs and hedgerows in the lanes. It just makes you feel that bit more full of life yourself.

The new season also sees a shift in our appetites and lighter meals are craved instinctively. We will move on from those heavy stews and heartwarming soups of the winter to foods that tend not to 'stick to the ribs' as they would say.

My coq-a-leekie chicken may be filled with lots of vegetables but with a light broth it can be enjoyed for both lunch or a main evening meal.....and you can of course use a Spring chicken!
This is another one of those wonderful one pot dishes and the 'one-pot' as we all know, is the busy families savior. The long slow cooking brings amazing flavors to the dish resulting in tender, moist meat and a delicious can also be made in a slow cooker making it even more convenient!