Spelt-acular Sexy Pancakes!

Spelt is one of the new super-foods when in reality it's as old as Methuselah! It is one of the oldest cultivated grains tracing is roots back more than 6,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia.
Spelt has many nutritional and digestive properties which if you're really interested in you can research HERE!  But for now I'll just tell you that it is one of the most easily digested grains....spelt and our human systems were MFEO! made for each other!

The grain is easily digested, more so than our everyday wheat flours, has anti-inflammatory qualities and tastes simply delicious with its sweet nutty flavour.

As we are a household of pancake lovers I am always on the look out for new and healthier ways to indulge our passion, and ways that are not syrup or sugar laden. Having tried spelt as a bread I decided to give it a go as pancakes with delicious results! These pancakes are light and wholesome with a range of healthy ingredients so feel free to spoil yourself......just add fruit!

Speltacular! Breakfast Pancakes

you will need: to make 8-12 pancakes depending on how big you like them!
200 g organic spelt wholemeal flourpinch salt1 teaspoon baking powder2 medium eggs125 g natural yogurt3 tablespoons honey100 mls soy or almond or coconut milk1 tablespoon olive oil...not extra virgin!

how to:

in a large bowl beat the eggs well then whisk in the yogurt and honeyadd the baking powder and salt to the spelt flour and mix wellslowly add the spelt to the egg mixture stirring gently until all the flour is incorporatedadd the olive oiladd the milk....add more if you want a thinner crepe-like pancake, add less if you want a thick pancakecook your pancakes on a non stick griddle
You can serve these straight away but they also keep really well if you want to make a big batch to enjoy as a snack or for another breakfast.
Like any other pancake these spelt pancakes can be enjoyed with that old faithful, maple syrup and are deliciously decadent with that well known chocolate hazelnut spread! but we try to be 'good' and eat them with some fresh fruit to start the day off correctly....enjoy with some sliced banana, a compote of red fruits and a dollop of yogurt, or just on their own with a cup of green tea.
You can always add some fruit to the uncooked pancake mix, try adding some fresh blueberries...about 150g...or some dried cranberries, sultanas, raisins or prunes...about 100g..., either way make sure you enjoy them, breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!