Tuseday Treat! - Old School Rice Krispy Treats

Any child who has been raised in Ireland will know the joy of the rice krispy bun....always a favourite at birthday parties...... for any parent who is not in the least skilled at baking they are the easiest thing to make and well worth it to see the pride on that little face when they say my mammy or my daddy made these......even if it means you are picking rice krispies off the floor for the next month!
Kids can also get involved in the making process as all you are doing is melting chocolate and stirring in rice krispies then scooping it into paper cases and chucking some hundreds and thousands over the top or even mini marshmallows....easy peasy for anyone! However, we can take the classic rice krispie treat a step further and make it something altogether more luxurious!

This recipe results in a krispie treat that is rich and sweet from the caramel but with a delish bitter chocolate top to counteract that sweetness. I don't advise letting the kids help you with this one as lethally hot sugar and kids are NOT a good combination! BAKER BEWARE!